Saturday, May 13, 2006

The Municator

Presented at CeBIT 2006, the Municator is a 146$ Linux computer from China.
Despite its low price and Chinese-made components, it is a computer capable to perform all chores that most people need, such as Internet browsing with Firefox, emailing with Thunderbird, instant messaging with Gaim, Internet phone calling with Skype, Word processing with Open Office, Audio and Video playback with Mplayer, etc.

It features:

  • 40GB Hard Drive
  • 400mhz/800mhz Godson VIA processor
  • 256mb ram
  • 4 USb2 ports
  • VGA-output
  • PS2 input
  • TV output

The Municator weighs less than 400 grams.

The Company's slogan is “Say no to Wintel”.

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