Saturday, September 15, 2007

i-Disk Touch

i-Disk Touch
Pretec's i-Disk Touch is a slim and stylish USB Drive with security function for mass data storing, sharing and transporting.

Only registered users whose fingerprints have been recorded can access the data stored on the drive, which can handle up to 10 users.
It will also encrypt files and folders, lock your PC and store your favorite Web sites.

You may also lock the PC and allow only authorized users to access the protected PC.
Simply plug the device into your computer USB port and you are ready to copy and share files.

Its dimensions are just 19.4mm x 76.4mm x 10.2mm, and can storage from 512MB to 8GB.
It provides a transfer rate of up to 12MB/sec and runs on Windows 2000 / XP and above.


  • USB flash storage with biometric security
  • Fingerprint scanner operates on sweep principle, and unit can save the sensor pattterns of up to 10 different people to make sure data can only be accessed by authorised users
  • iDisk Touch can be used as a PC lock and only allow authorised users to access the protected PC
  • iDisk Touch can also secure access to data files and documents. Depending on requirements, individual files or entire directories can be encoded with the iDisk Touch and made available again when needed

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