Monday, January 14, 2008

The Noahpad UMPC

Noahpad UMPC
Taiwanese E-Lead Electronics has announced a new UMPC (Ultra Mobile PC) called the Noahpad, at CES 2008.

Its most interesting feature is its unique keypad composed of two large (70x70mm) dual touch pads that serve both as a keyboard or a mousepad by changing its function at the touch of a key stroke.

Weighting 0.78 Kg and smaller than an A5 in size, it uses a 7 inch display that can be expanded using virtual screen technology to 10 inches and that is capable of achieving 1024 X 768 pixel resolution.

The screen can be folded 360 degrees, and by overlaying an image of the keyboard to aid typing, it allows users to use the touch pads at the opposite side, aided by touch sensitivity.

According to E-Lead's representatives it takes about 20 minutes to get used to operate and input into the computer that way, something that we honestly find hard to believe. But even if it takes a couple of hours to master it, it still is a very innovative and convenient way to operate a computer, specially in restricted environments.

It also features a 30GB HDD with SD slot a built-in WiFi and built-in Bluetooth and external 3.5G.
Battery life is over 10 hours using a external pack.

The price will be in the range of the EeePC and it is expected to be on the market in 2 or 3 months time.

Available from:
E-Lead Electronics

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